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April 1, 2013
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Peace in Sleep... by Terreflare Peace in Sleep... by Terreflare
...because there is little when I wake.

This is sort of a gift, or late response to a close friend I have lost contact with. I don't know what I should say after what has happened, and I could not say anything even if I did, but maybe if I try my best I can show a tiny piece of how I feel. If you do read this my friend, know that I will wait for a day we can talk again no matter how long it takes, and I will always with you in your heart as you are in mine. :huggle:

Anyway, for all you watchers please do not worry about me or my personal problems, there is nothing you could do to help, and trying could make things much worse. I know you are all my friends too even when I hardly ever do anything here, and I am sorry if events in my life seem to make me reclusive. It is not likely I will feel like drawing again for a while after this either and I may be a bit worse then usual about responding to messages.

Well, let me try to cheer things up a bit by describing the picture a tad. I started this about a year ago because of a different heartbreak, and events not long ago finally inspired me to drag out the old sketch and finish it. I used a lot of new tricks I learned about Gimp to make the scales and scenery a bit more realistic than any picture I have drawn before, and it seems that even taking a year long break has not caused me to loose any skill or patience with details. It is all hand drawn with tools found in Gimp, plus a 3D plugin I am now in love with. I actually created an animated version of this picture where the auroras rippled in the sky, and planned to add glimmering stars and maybe even some snowfall, but I failed at getting it just right and I am not sure how big of an animation I can post here anyway. Maybe some day I may pull this out and try a little harder at animating it, but it looks kind of good without animation I guess.

It is a fairly detailed picture of me, and even includes a more recent version of my wing-blades that show a bit more detail than my old artwork used too. The scene is set in my own world, on top of a windy, snowy basaltic cliff overlooking the sea so that I could wait and watch for those I care about across it. I do not really care for the sea very much though, it is home to lots of smelly fish and the dreaded smell of squid, but up high enough and with a seaward wind you do not really smell it. The cold is nice too, I don't really like summer, and a cold place is perfect for slowing your heart rate, thinking, waiting, and dreaming. I hope everyone was able to enjoy the cold this winter.

I hope this drawing might help cheer up some people if you are feeling sad, if I can help cheer someone else, then I can start atoning for the sadness I have been dealt or caused in my friend. I suppose you could do something to help me, maybe you could say something nice to someone today that you may not have said otherwise, or do something small to help cheer others on my behalf. Maybe decide to lose an argument with a friend that is not worth fighting for, or be a little more generous than usual for a day. Good should come from all things, and heartache and failures may be the greatest forces for good if it empowers us to change our world and make it more beautiful to spite the depression that seeks to overwhelm our spirits. Maybe I am dreaming early and need more sleep then I thought, but it was worth suggesting. Well, I better upload this before I fall 100% asleep. Peaceful dreams everybody and may your days bring you more peace then mine as well.
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WreckLoose1 Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014
This is WreckLoose. (Chaos)

I'm offended; my items aren't glitched. I've played for 10 years+ and have some older items, yes..but I've solo'd SoG and Valkor with just 1 character. No multiple logging or multiple characters involved. Reklar took a couple different toons logged in at the same time, I will admit. :)
Terreflare Featured By Owner Jan 19, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmm, I don't recall exactly what I might have said to offend you because I do not think I have mentioned your name in any art descriptions and this comment is only linked to my drawing, but if I said glitched I probably implied or meant to imply that those older items are glitched in the nature of being overpowered compared to all current in game items and not because of any cheating on your part. I saw you fight many of those bosses myself, so I know you are not hacking or somehow using codes to instantly murder them and I can't blame you for using those items because I am sure I would if they still existed when I played or if I had them. The only comment I remember mentioning you in any time recently though was to recommend you to a player looking for help with getting legendary items since I do not play after they removed my lair when my computer broke down, but they were not even on the same server so it would not have helped them. :(

I did not mean to offend you in what I said though. I sometimes carry a slight grudge on that game because to me it is very unfair of them to allow old items to far exceed the power of the current or new items and they should have either removed them completely, recalculated the stats/abilities to make them all more balanced retroactively, or even better yet made them available to everyone in a very hard quest arc, but that is animosity towards the game only and your name is only used as an example because you are one of the few that still has and uses those items to a great effect. Hopefully you can at least understand why it frustrates players to know they can never hope to fight as equals no matter how hard they work to level up or how many quests they complete. That game has brought up tons of questions in me as to the integrity and competence of the management and I am not sure they are doing a very good job adding content or managing the game worthy of the money they still charge for active accounts.  :/

Honestly I think you are very helpful to players in providing the legendary items at very reasonable prices because other than Recklar loot it is nearly impossible to find any teams large and/or skilled enough to beat the other two bosses and even if you do it is a small chance to win just part of an item with many people in a group if one even drops so it is almost impossible to get all five for one item for regular players without your help. I am glad you are still playing though, without your help most of those legendary items would be impossible to get making just another set of powerful old items only early players could hope to have, so even though your old items are better at least you are being helpful at reducing the gap a little for newer players to get powerful gear. :)
Crystal200 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
amazing :3
Terreflare Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks! :dummy: 
Is that pokemon avatar you have one of those newer ones? It looks a tad like treecko, but different. :O
I always wonder if grass types are ever made into salads on accident, I would imagine an oddish has been eaten once or twice in a salad, I think one game even talked about it being normal to fish and eat magicarp, but newer games never really show them ever being eaten even though all those meat eating pokemon must eat some type of other meat. Maybe they all eat those rodent types that are super common and no one ever realizes it because there are way to many bidoof anyway. Don't ask how I got on such a weird conversation topic though, I am probably just sleepy at 1 AM. What are you doing up so late favoriting art for anyway? You should be sleeping and getting ready for school! Oh wait, this is the weekend, so maybe you should be staying up and playing video games! =P *is a crazy weird dragon*
Crystal200 Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
your welcome! :D
and nuuuu my icon is a pokemon named snivy.
ans yusss its weekends and im staying up late.
and btw i love ur  dragon mod ;3
Terreflare Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I think I will stay up late too. I just finished a lot of homework and after working all day I feel like getting some lunch and watching Anime or playing Halo a while. I might not get any sleep ^u^

Oh, that dragon mod is so old, sometimes I still wish I could go back and play that game, but it costs way to much for a poor college dragon and they destroyed my lair and probably lost all my legendary items that were in it, so I would be very depressed if I ever returned. I should have given away all my rare stuff before leaving, I always complained that no one would ever share their old rare stuff and went and did the same thing, although it was not really my fault my computer broke down and I could not log in to pay. >.< Oh well, I am glad some people are still enjoying that game and that mod, I really wanted to make a far better armor mod, but the other modder was getting jealous anyway and I never did get the codes to work just right before I lost my account. I was animating the armor though and was going to even try making all dragon armor visible before I quit. Those old mods are nothing compared to the dragon mods I made next for Oblivion. 
Terre-Retexture in Oblivion Mod by Terreflare  
See, I just add my character coloring to every game I play =P The textures I made for that newer mod are actually based on ones from Istaria, but I enhanced them to a high definition and remade them to fit the models in this other game. Since Oblivion has glow mapping I was able to actually make every scale reflect light like it would on a real dragon. I think Istaria is so old it could not even handle graphics like that. I did make a full set of higher definition textures for every dragon skin in Istaria though, but they corrupted the file converter and I have not been able to add them to the game yet :dead: I guess that game just has so much weirdness I sort of gave up and no one knows enough about the game to pick up the projects I left half finished. :( If they ever make that game free to play maybe I will be able to come back and at least try to make a few more great mods in my free time. It was almost like a relaxing hobby to make things for that game, I wish they would let me do volunteer modding and let me play free so I can test them. It is not like they would have anything to loose and if they worked with me on mods I could make it way more fun to play as a dragon in that game. 

I still don't think I remember Snivy from that game, but the last one I played was Pearl version. I played it so much my gameboy DS broke in half and after that I kept waiting for the price to drop on the new DS systems and they just kept making newer ones! I did collect every pokemon in the game though, so I was a little overly obsessed. I even bought older games to beat just to complete the collection when I was addicted. Be careful or they might get you addicted too! *randomly gives out free cookies*
Crystal200 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I usually not online much because of my parents lol.
your mod is amazing! ^.^
i dont mind how old istaria is, its very fun to play ;3
this is pretty much how my ancient looks like:
cookies! XDD :cookie:
im addicted to the internet lol, so im terrible with school :I
but im a very wise person XDD
im also addicted to istaria XD
:hug: hopefully things get better though :3
im playing istaria right now xDD
idk how to make mods lol xd
it would be cool to have a snivy-like dragon though XDD
or some other cool patterns xd
idk lol im so random--
:happybounce:  *goes back to istaria*
Terreflare Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yeah, I used to know tons of random glitches for that game and I even taught a lot of people how to do them once before leaving. There is a glitch that lets you put one of every single crystal all into just one socket on armor. I used that glitch to make scales that let me nearly solo kill anything in seconds. With my alt I used to beat up SoG all the time alone and sell or give away the loot. I also knew a glitch that let my fly into unbuilt lairs to build rooms on the inside and I had a way to make my ancient hop around just like a hatchling without using a biped cargo disc or any mods. I never told most of them to others, but I told people how to crystal glitch because that was way to powerful of a glitch for me to use it without sharing. My dragon was nearly impossible to kill and it was easy enough to beat most enemies without being nearly invincible. I think I used to do over 10,000 damage all the time with one gold rage attack with all the crazy things I had on my character, sort of sad that I can't play any more, but I sort of ran out of things to do so I was just always helping others and sitting around or crafting a full t6 lair and grand hall and it got pretty boring with no quests left to complete. I am playing Lotro now because it is free to play and huge! 

I think Istaria is nearly 15 years old by now, so it is probably the oldest MMO I know of. I am not sure if it is older than WoW or not, but it must be close to that same age. Of course WoW is still an game that adds quests and expands all the time while I think the people that run Istaria have completely given up on doing anything more that a couple of workers can make in their spare time. They mostly just sit around and get money from hundreds of old accounts that still pay money every month I assume and use that money to just keep a few people employed so the game is not scraped. In a way it is like they are scamming tons of people that don't realize their parents are still paying for a game they played years ago with a credit card, but I guess it is all fine if it keeps a pretty good game from disappearing completely. I just wish they would try opening up and asking people for help or stop pretending like they actually run a real company or a popular game. Maybe if they let people donate art and help work on the game they could get free resources and add lots of updates and new quests to help attract new players without needing to pay anyone else. I would do something like that if I owned that company, with the way the world is changing tons of people now know how to write code, draw art, or write quest stories, so I don't understand why game companies don't try letting the fans change and add to games to make them even better for everyone. I guess they have to worry about a fan trying to steal art from other games and use them on that game in a way that could get them sued though. :shrug:

Oh making mods is easy, you just need 42 rough tricut gems, 16 slate bricks, and 5 refined radiant orbs. The hard part is getting those orbs because those radiant wisps started running super fast after they did an update a long time ago. >.< *Is completely joking modding actually takes custom art and changing a few settings* 

Oh, try not to be too addicted to the internet! Your grades will be very important if you want a good job that will give you enough cash to buy games the rest of your life, so try to imagine leveling up stats every time you get a good grade and treat life like a big game too. :dummy: It is really hard for me to do college work because I am too addicted to gaming, but I try to always remember that games get old and then no one cares about them in a few years, but even though grades and classes get old and you forget what you learned in class people just never seem to stop caring about those stupid letters when they have a job or scholarship you want. I wish they would pay me to game, but I think it is funny how sometimes I care a lot more about getting a rare fantasy game item than getting a nice house or things that do exist. We are a little weird like that sometimes. O.o

Hmmmm, how do you know you are wise? That is always a good question I ask myself sometimes. I guess if I was really wise I would be wise enough to know how little I really understand and how silly it would be to call myself wise, but if that was the wise thing to think wouldn't that make me wiser than others so I would still consider myself wise? Maybe I just know a lot of things and just hope wisdom is mixed in with it all somewhere. I would think if I was truly wise I would not play so many video games and I would spend more time studying and working on making money, so I can't be very wise if I look at my actions from that view. :dead: 

Oh, I should have warned you, I type way too much in comments >.<
Crystal200 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
yeah, im wise... and its okay that you type too much i dont mind reading comments XD you can go to my page and know more about me if you want xD
how do you get the crystal glitch? XD i wanna kill SoG so i can finally get the claw thing xD lol sometimes i wish fantasy was more important than reality for once xp
Terreflare Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I already saw you DA page when I gave you a llama silly =P You don't need to really link your own page though, you can get there my clicking your name or your icon. You even linked your DA page on your DA page, so that kind of confused me because wouldn't that just take you to the same page? O.o

Oh, the crystal glitch is not quite enough to solo SoG, you need a biped with powerful druid stuns and heal spells to really beat him alone, and that takes two accounts to run two windows at once I think. I think it is possible to beat him with two ancients wearing glitched aromor and with all epic spells and abilities maxed because I almost beat him with an ancient that had not completed all his quests and epic spells, but it is way easier with a druid ped. Back when I had my ped I would be able to heal and stun so well I could beat that boss with almost any ancient if they had good armor and lots of health. I think SoG can do a combo that did either 3000 or 6000 damage and so each dragon had to have enough health crystals to survive it, but it only takes a few good HP crystals to do that. I think I had about 4 of those demon claws in my lair when it was removed so my account may still have several extras, but I can't log in to give you one :(  I usually prefered my regular claw more than the demon claw since I could socket every gem into that one claw, but the demon claw is great for big group boss fights because it might drop the armor to 0 for a few seconds letting your whole team do massive damage to the boss when it works. Also, I don't want my good claw to be used on a boss because the bosses always wanted to target me if I did way more damage than all the other players >.< I wonder if Wreckloose still plays that game, he used to solo Recklar and Valcor in minutes and I saw him beat SoG alone with his biped in under 30 seconds because he has several overpowered glitched items from when the game first came out. He used to sell all legendary items for just a few gold each so it may be worth asking him if he still plays. :shrug: 
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